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Le_roi_1_111 - Fraleroy
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Le_roi_1_111 (pronounce 1 point 111) is a player on the Pandorabox server. His XP level is 92'986 [Iron God] (2021/05/29)

79'786 [Iron Master] (2020/07/22)


Le_roi_1_111 currently lives on Earth, in L'Isle-sur-Mer (a village) X: -5875 Y: 8.5 Z: 1069. To get to his house, take Route 66 to the East (from New Town).

His old house was located on the Moon, in X: 491 Y: 5295.5 Z: -352. To get to his house, go to the Moon, then take Ligne 3 - Base de Le_roi_1_111 - Spawn.

Buildings etc.

Le_roi_1_111 created, in collaboration with flucas10, the Compagnie des Chemins de fer Lunaires Françaises, and thus set up lines 2, 3 and 4.

He also built the Base Lunaire Française and L'Isle-sur-Mer (a village today), still under construction at this time.


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  • City demographics (on their page)


  • Page Translations (to French)
  • Compagnie des Chemins de Fer Terrestres et Lunaires Françaises (C.C.F.T.L.F.)

Beyond the game

Le_roi_1_111 maintains a Youtube channel called Fraleroy.

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This page has been translated from French to English with DeepL. If you see any mistakes, you will be able to modify them ;)

Writer: Carré.png Le_roi_1_111 ( <- name in-game ) - Fraleroy