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Ligne 3 - Base de Le_roi_1_111 - Spawn
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Ligne 3 - Base de Le_roi_1_111 - Spawn is a railroad line on the Moon. It was created by Le_roi_1_111. The line is owned by the Compagnie des Chemins de fer Lunaires Françaises (documentation at the bottom of the page).

Drawing of the line

Plan Lignes CCLF

Ligne 3-2.png

CCLF Railway line map

Line 3 satellite view

Latest news



The line contains 2 terminals, and no stations :

- Spawn -

Spawn station - Lignes 2, 3, 4

This is the first station that was created on the line. It's a little close to the Moon spawn.

Correspondence with other lines:

  • IcemanDs' Moon Trainstation (by walking)

Monuments and services:

  • M-ore - the moon ore st-ore
  • Le Petit Marché
  • (Train Park)

- Base de Le_roi_1_111 -

Correspondence with other lines:

  • none

Monuments and services:

  • Base de Le_roi_1_111

Train Schedules

The delay between each train is approximately 3'05".

Railway informations

Railways do not have vacuum evacuation systems. Air Zones are available in each station. Always wear a space suit!

The line has 1 train per track, with each train containing 2 cars.

Currently, if a player is not in a perimeter close to a train, the train gets stuck. As a result, the trains stop and the line is interrupted.

If you're pretty good at railroading, you might be able to help me set up brake lights for trains. Send me an email in game!

                                                             - - -

This page has been translated from French to English with DeepL. If you see any mistakes, you will be able to modify them ;)

Writer: Carré.png Le_roi_1_111 ( <- name in-game ) - Fraleroy