Korlen Travelhub

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Korlen Travelhub
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Map X: 7466.5 Y: 0 Z: 23241.5
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Founder korlen
Build date July 2019


One of the bigger Travelhubs, located in HiFi City.

Built by User:korlen around July 2019.


/spawnEarth teleportsKorlen travelhub

Main features

  • Shop section
  • Multiple player sections
  • Work section

Travelnets are freely placeable in the player section

Previous Locations


There was some controversy while the hub was built (mainly from User:kiedtl) about the use of Diamondblocks in New Town (it was originally built there).

Open tasks

  • Move the shops from the small spawn-shop building to here
  • "Earn money" category is still empty
  • "Tutorials" category is still empty
  • Mining destinations