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New Town
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New Town was the first Town created on Pandorabox. Its inception date was around May 2018


/spawnEarth teleportsNew town

Demography & Shops

On July 25, 2020, the city had 43 houses and 26 shops. (Data collected by Le_roi_1_111 - Calculation made by counting the houses and shops connected by a road MANDATORY)

Connections to railways

The city is connected by 7 trainlines, of which there are 13 stations.

Siberia express

Upper New Town Station
  • New Town
  • Museum

New Town express

  • New Town
  • Upper New Town


  • New Town
  • Depot


  • Temp end of line
  • Intermediate station (tif, Madhl, SlimJim)
  • pipo - BuckarooBanzai handover

B1 (New Town)

(not to be confused with B1)

  • Adventurer HQ
  • Xrafede farm
  • Steampunk city (WIP)


  • Market-Spawn
  • Kievski's House

[Unnamed] (Peanut)

  • NewTown Station

Notable Buildings