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Map X: -5839 Y: 5.5 Z: 1070
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Founder Le_roi_1_111
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L'Isle-sur-mer is a little village on Earth, under construction. It is part of Terra Marique, a French-English territory.

The inhabitants are called marisliens.

The current mayor of the village is Le_roi_1_111.




L'Isle-sur-mer has many caves under its ground. Some of them are re-capped.


The village has for the moment only a sea or large lake, and no river nearby.


After the semi-abandonment of the Station Lunaire Française, Le_roi_1_111 wanted to settle on Earth to create a small independent territory/State oriented towards France to gather all the French of Pandorabox in the same place, even if a village (Français City or Village des compagnions français) has the same role which is to gather a certain number of French in the same village, but no rule is established in terms of building model.

Français City or Village des compagnions français at night (around X: -2221 Y: 14.5 Z: -2174)

The project began in 2020/07/24

The first house was built in 2021/03/02, and it's the house of Le_roi_1_111.


List of successive mayors
Beginning of mandate End of mandate Major Notes
2020/07/24 - Le_roi_1_111 Founder

Demography & Shops

(Data collected by Le_roi_1_111 - Calculation made by counting the houses and shops connected by a road MANDATORY)

Demography & Shops
- 2020/07/24 2021/03/02
Houses 0 1
Shops 0 0

Notable buildings

The Pont Industriel.


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Writer: Carré.png Le_roi_1_111 ( <- name in-game ) - Fraleroy