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Pandorabox Railway Company
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Founder SX
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SX had idea about learning how to use advtrains properly while connecting all significant old railways together to form larger personal playground public network and started working on it as a personal project.

Connect existing railways to larger public network fixing broken rails, routes, stations and protections while getting towards ultimate goal.

Main railways should be protected with protect_streets privilege in the end. Protecting station areas using this privilege should also be considered.


Date format YYYY.MM.DD (keep it in format that allows simple sorting)
When Who What
2021.02.-- SX Built Minigames railway station tunnel and some tracks while Minigames Hub was being built.
2021.02.13 SX Started building Minigames Hub railway station.
2021.03.29 SX Finished railways and routes between Minigames Hub and Little Siberia.
2021.03.31 SX Finished railway bridge and tunnel from Minigames towards Forbidden City and Tagada Road aiming for Japan Town connection.
2021.04.02 SX Protections fixed and updated, TCBs and routes added for Forbidden City - Japan Town railways built by 6r1d, int and other players.

Crashed server multiple times due to various advtrains bugs. Started looking what it takes update advtrains to latest version.

2021.04.06 SX Tagada Road maintenance tunnels done. Storage area for test trains and inactive trains.
2021.04.11 SX Minigames - Space Elevator underwater railway tunnel done
2021.04.14 SX Space Elevator station mostly finished and in somewhat usable state.
2021.04.15 NullPointer Joined the project.
2021.04.15 NullPointer, SX Finished building railway connection to Starter Town.
2021.04.15 NullPointer Built new small railway station for Starter Town. Started planning options for Fruitland connection.
2021.04.17 SX Started new tracks from Space Elevator towards New Town railway stations, built new small regional station in New Town and started looking route for railway towards larger New Town station complex.
2021.04.18 NullPointer, SX Finished railway between Space Elevator and New Town main station complex.
2021.04.19 SX Finished TCBs and route for R trains between Minigames Hub and New Town main station. Test trains running between Minigames Hub and New Town station complex. Decorated New Town station complex a bit in process.
2021.04.20 SX Added signal, routes and subway train with 2 cars for New Town station shuttle line. Train is running between lower regional station and upper main station.
2021.04.20 NullPointer Added railway turnout at west of Starter Town station, reserved for Starter Town - Fruitland railway.
2021.04.21 SX Added temporary station route to Little Siberia station (up in railway bridge) to turn around non SB trains. Removed all routes, TCBs and signals from station area and created those again to not send trains out as shunt move and fix incorrect switch positions. Found one track with TCB assigned but no TCB actually anywhere, fixed by dissolve section command.

Reconfigured train IC2 (Japan engine + 4 passenger wagons) to run Minigames - Space Elevator - New Town - Little Siberia - New Town - Space Elevator - Japan Town - Forbidden City - Minigames line. Being IC train it will only stop at major stations.
Another train called "Route testing" is running similar route, this is just engine without any attached wagons. Trains use * routes for most parts of line.

2021.04.21 SX Train crash after 2 trains entered same route and section from signal at X: -1622 Y: 18 Z: -2321. Trains were most probably set inactive when this happened, started trains again. Did not investigate any further.

Update: Investigated situation better and found that there was no influence point set for signal. Configured influence point, issue is probably fixed.

2021.04.22 SX Added signals, TCBs and first routes for Cross Correlation Station at X: -2125 Y: 32 Z: 1130 and LIX (no idea what it means) trainline intersection X: -2300 Y: 18 Z: 1385. Bumpers blocking Cross Correlation Station has been removed and station is open. Routing is incomplete and still requires driver to set routes at LIX intersection. Verified that trains can run between Cross Correlation Station and Locko's station through both Fruitland and direct railways.
2021.04.23 SX Planned railway connections for A Town and reserved area for A Town railway station at X: 100 Y: 16 Z: 320 near Mesecons tutorial area. Reserved area is about 55 x 33 x 33 (north side) and 55 x 22 x 22 (south side).

This allows building direct connection to center of world (just about 300m away) and from there to Minigames (dual tracks already in place) forming large loop with main transfer stations at: A Town → Center of World → Minigames → Space Elevator → Starter Town → New Town → Little Siberia → A Town.

2021.04.23 NullPointer Extend Starter Town - Fruitland railway 500m North
2021.04.25 SX Finished A Town station turnouts to be usable, station building still requires a lot of work decoration and such. Finished railway bridge between A Town and Center of World.

Added TCBs, signals and routes through Little Siberia, A Town, Center of World and Minigames. IC2 trainline running through multiple large stations: Minigames Hub > Japan Town > Forbidden City > Space Elevator > New Town > Little Siberia > A Town > Center of World > Humboldt Recearch -> Minigames Hub.

2021.04.26 SX Repaired and protected small part of old Starter Town - New Town railway (edit. finished repairs and protection after few days), this connection is inactive but being direct connection it is planned to be fully restored, connected to New Town main station and will serve as primary New Town - Starter Town route.
2021.05.01 SX Expanded Starter Town station turnouts area, some single rails replaced with dual rails. To the south towards new station area full dual rails and towards west bit more space and longer queue area for depart/approach sidings. Protected some tracks and old station approach area.
2021.05.11 SX Starter Town - New Town routing nearly done: missing signals, track sections and routes created. Added few more station routes for A Town railway station. Routes created from Center of World to A Town and one R train running Forbidden City - Minigames - Center of World - A Town returning through same stations in reverse order.
2021.09.13 SX Fixed Little Siberia S-line collisions caused by missing route section at X: -1000 Y: 16 Z: 335.


Active stations

Minigames Hub, this is where it started and was central hub for first test train lines while getting familiar with advtrains mod.

Little Siberia, this was first connection from Minigames Hub.

Forbidden City / Tagada Road, new railway was built to connect Minigames. Multiple trains stops at station including IC2 which has been used for seconds stage IC route testing.

Japan Town, rails were already built by 6r1d, int and various other players. Replaced misplaced protection blocks with privilege protectors.

Space Elevator, waypoint while building railway connection towards New Town and Starter Town where older and more complete public railway networks can be found.

New Town, connection point to multiple existing railways. IC2 and another test train (R train) stops at station. One station shuttle line active at station complex.

Upper Little Siberia, station up at railway bridge and is not directly connected to Little Siberia city/regional railways. Test trains running from/to New Town station. IC2 runs through station towards A Town.

A Town, new station built by SX. Single train, IC2 stops at station approaching from New Town and departing towards Center of World. Train runs long route so it is not suggested to sit there waiting for it.

Listing does not include smaller S or R line stations.

New stations without usable routes available

Starter Town, station is built but does not yet have return routes and is dead end. (!) Departure towards old Starter Town station has invalid track sections with routes set up. Multiple public (broken, no interlocking) railways continue from there.

Train Schedules

What? Trains say beep beep and go, if it left already then you're late.

Routing codes

Common routing codes for trains, these should not be used for other purposes without good reason and taking into account that many trains in public railway network might have these routing codes.

Code Focus Description
SS Stations, restrictions (S)tation (S)huttle. SS trains should stop at transfer stations. SS trains should stay in restricted station complex area.
S Stations, restrictions (S)uburban. S trains should stop at all stations. S trains should never be allowed to leave town area or cross city borders.
R Stations (R)egional. R trains should stop at all stations.
IC Common routing (I)nter-(C)ity. IC trains should pass small stations, if possible routed through fastest route through city and only stop at large main railway stations.
SB Stations Train can directly return to approach direction from dead end station without turning train around in shunting area or dedicated loop.

New routing codes

Common routing codes that should be added:

  • Code for freight trains.
Freight trains should not normally enter stations meant for passenger traffic if it can be avoided.
  • Code to enter next available maintenance area.
To decommission/deactivate train special routing code should make it follow other routing codes until it hits station with large maintenance area and park train there.
Routing code "Shunt" is available at some stations managed by PRC but this should be changed, this will probably also need some LuaATC automation to pass maintenance areas without enough space for approaching train.
  • Routing codes for large multi way turnout intersections to set route based on approach direction.
Routing codes for turnouts have been in test use for Minigames Hub and Upper New Town. Routing codes are $ID.N-W where ID is short identification code for affected area, N is approach direction and W is depart direction.
For example in $MGH.S-E route MGH stands for Minigames Hub, S for south and E for east so trains approaching Minigames Hub intersection from south will be routed toward east and routing code does not affect any other turnouts.
Dollar is added to clearly distinguish these routing codes from other routing codes.

Players participating to the project

  • User:SX started project to learn advtrains keeping low profile until Space Elevator station was mostly done.
  • User:NullPointer joined to plan and build forward connection from Space Elevator towards Starter Town and Fruitland.
  • User:Blockhead joined to contribute to more working trains!. Has a lot of interlocking and operational experience, and an eye to right of way upgrades. He is dissatisfied with the construction standard and the lack of active train services.
  • Everyone can join project to make railways better, add your name to the list.