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Hi ! Here you can ask me questions by pressing the [Add Topic] button in the top right corner. You can send these questions in English but also in French.

Bonjour ! Ici vous pouvez me poser des questions en appuyant sur le bouton [Ajouter un sujet] en haut à droite. Vous pouvez envoyer ces questions en Anglais mais aussi en Français.

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Tutorial for mapserver components

I love your article about the Mapserver components: POI_-_Mapserver_Train_-_Mapserver_Label

I may link to that article from the main readme if thats alright...?

RE: Tutorial for mapserver components

It's good ! You can put this link to the websites or pages you want, it doesn't bother me ;)

~Fraleroy (2020/12/24)