Shipbuilding contest 2020

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The current shipbuilding contest starts on July 1st and ends on Aug 1, 2020, UTC.


  • We vote for the best ship design.
  • There are no limitations about the use of materials and ship size.
  • You can vote for ships made before the contest started.
  • Players vote for other players, not for named ships.


  • 1st place receives 80 uranium fuel
  • 2nd place receives 99 silver blocks
  • 3rd place receives 99 gold blocks


To vote, please go to the “Spawn area”, proceed to “Earth teleports”, find “The Commonwealth Hotel” teleport / telemosaic, proceed to a travelnet under “GLEB_R's Ship Building Contest” sign. The exact location of a voting area is X: -1378 / Y: 2.0 / Z: -4505.

You'll need to right-click a touchscreen there, click the “Vote” button, enter the contestant's nickname and click “Vote” button to add vote. You'll see a confirmation message.


Initially, the contest was started by GLEB_R, but he was unable to continue. The Commonwealth Hotel location was provided by SwissalpS. The contest was re-initiated by 6789alepfwxz, who provided the new prize. 6r1d made a voting system code using SX's touchscreen designer. Additional testing for a travel network and poster contents was made by lga.

Ship network

Using a travelnet to show your ship to others is recommended. Please use a ship_contest network for your travelnets and add korlen as travelnet owner so every ship will be accessible from a single public network.


Spawn area
Current Spawn location, watching at Earth teleports
A teleport to The Commonwealth Hotel
A directon to the GLEB_R's Contest travelnet inside The Commonwealth Hotel
Voting area
Voting: interface's main menu
Voting process: entering a name
Voting result



Situation got a bit out of hand with a LuaController used for voting burning for a second time (oopsie woopsie). Since it happened right before contest ends, I am stopping it there officially.

I'd also like to thank everyone else participating. Your ships are awesome. (I personally like Glider's fleet a lot.)