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SwissalpS started as SwissaplS. It was a typo when initially just checking out Pandorabox. The test went much longer than expected.
SwissalpS occasionally logs on as SwissaplS for tests and to appreciate more how far he has come.
When SwissalpS is logged in as SwissaplS he might be AFK or not reading the in-game chat, so best use /mail if it is something 'important'.


Chocolate Stag

Dimensions: 39x 108y 71z

6'302 chocolate blocks used

Located in Fruitland Screenshot 20201206 005406 stag night.png Screenshot 20201206 003715 stag sunrise.png

Bag Contents

As of 20201124 SwissalpS carries these items in his bags:

  • 3 different coloured beacons
  • Protectors
  • Protector Placement Tool (hardly used but great to have)
  • WiFi Chests
  • Travelnets
  • Travelnet Elevators
  • Stackwise Injectors
  • Mob Net
  • Hammer
  • 2 Multitools
  • Node Inspection Tool
  • Mapping Kit
  • Binoculars
  • Teleport Tubes
  • 450m Ropes
  • Circular Saws
  • Anvils
  • Postool
  • Tube Tool
  • 2 Replacers
  • Sonic Screwdriver and at times also a normal Screwdriver
  • Autocrafters
  • Space Suit Parts
  • Hazmat Suit
  • Water Can
  • Black Bones
  • Wooden Signs
  • Item Frames
  • Slingshot (is in bags so it might get some use)
  • Xenomorph
  • Horse
  • Saddle
  • Lasso
  • Mission Blocks
  • Mission Wands
  • Reserve Food (High in Nutrition)
  • Mese Blocks
  • Mese Crystals
  • Mese Shards
  • Mese Arrows
  • Diamond Crossbow
  • Diamond Blocks
  • Books
  • One Way Tubes
  • Sorting Tubes
  • Pneumatic Tubes
  • Sand Tubes
  • Accelerating Tubes
  • NICs
  • Mese Tubes
  • Priority Tubes
  • Digiline Detector Tubes
  • Digiline Tubes
  • Adjustable Tubes
  • Digiline Wires
  • Mesecon Wires
  • Copper Chests
  • Fancy Vendors
  • Mithril Chests
  • Vertical Digiline Intermediate (sometimes other wires)
  • Digtron Axle
  • MV Cables
  • HV Cables
  • Global Memory (as long as supply lasts)
  • I/O Expanders
  • Lua Controllers
  • Digiline Injectors
  • Self Contained Injectors
  • Node Breakers
  • Deployers
  • Mesecon Pistons
  • Mesecon Sticky Pistons
  • Constructor Mk1
  • Constructor Mk2/3
  • Buttons
  • Jump Drives
  • Lua Tool
  • Prospector (hardly gets used)
  • Spare Boots
  • Spare Glider
  • Mob Protectors
  • Mob Tags
  • Posters
  • Switches (mostly protected)
  • Compass(es)
  • Some kind of dig-able lights, currently Jack-O-Lanterns

Inventory Contents

  • Slot 1: Glider
  • Slot 2: Multitool
  • Slot 3: Replacer
  • Slot 8: Food (canned, marinated or pickled)
  • Slot 32: Empty Glass Bottles

Armour Inventory

Mostly only lava boots. Sometimes also a lava shield but not so much since beacons got healing effect. When AFK in mines, when too lazy to use multi-tool for defence or when working around chernobilyte: Lava boots, diamond leggings and shirt, hazmat and lava shield. SwissalpS does not like diamond helmet, the sound it makes on damage is irritating.

Client Side Mods

Server Side Mods

  • postool Shows HUD with positional data and provides a tool to show map-block border. Replaced the old poshud mod.
  • replacer Cool creative tool originally by Sokomine. SwissalpS merged features from HybridDog and Coil0 and has maintained the version used on since.
  • SwissalpS has contributed to various other mods used on

Bragging Rights

  • Spawn 3.0 builder
    • Initiated and executed rainbow-promenade, with a lot of design help from chi.
    • Brought up the idea of decorating earth lower half as globe.
    • Main designer of trumpet and flame (aka reactor) under Spawn Island.
    • Idea of platform on water which then was quickly implemented as Coast Guard Boat by others.
    • Copied PandoraBox text and spaceship from Spawn 2.0
    • Coordinated decisions across time-zones.
    • Assisted coil when removing ores from Space Island and painting dome.
    • Filled in the gaps and assisted in many parts.
    • Main Island: Tutorials
    • Favorite Island: Space