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Spawn is finished now, see Talk:Spawn_3.0

Draft/Proposals about the new spawn

Feel free to edit here...

(nitpick: technically this is Spawn 3.0, spawn-1 was originally in a house in New Town)

Island proposal

Basic idea

  • "Neutral" environment
  • No fly, no pvp
  • No "cognitive overload"
  • Admin ore exchange (Skymall)
  • Teleports to key destinations
    • Cities
    • Planets
    • Malls
  • Color marked paths (who use colour paths?)

Ideas, Suggestions

  • Closer teleports
  • Maybe rework the whole telemosaic thing and use travelnets:
    • telemosaic: earth, orbital, mars
    • travelbox: tutorials, shopping
  • Spaceport (needs more info)
  • Half sphere (Steel-Framed obsidian glass)
  • Remove Privillegs and Vote room (replace them with one "Basic Info room")
  • Earth, Orbital, Mars with more available space
  • Replace Tutorials with travelboxes (Possible adding new tutorial by your self)
  • Better access to individual levels in Sky Mall
  • Redesign some buildings ???
  • Old PC friendly (not so many lights like in hifi)
  • not allowing one player to usurp travelnet assignment to avoid situation like that with arbitrary shop network assignment
  • alternative to sphere: jumpdrive-compatible size for possibility of adding them in the future
  • another design alternative: platforms linked with bridges with the spawn point in the center (something like this), with each platform being specific to something (one for info, shopping, teleporters, and maybe beginner stuff)


Location ideas:

  • In place where a lot of player names are visible
  • Or over one of the city
  • Should be at a height that shows on the live map


  • TBD

- Let's not use owned nodes. We can't get around the POI's, travelnets and vendors being owned (by admin). But any others only make it more difficult for spawn_builders to make changes.
- Avoid nodes with inventories and powered machines. (an argument for not having admin-shop at spawn)
- Avoid doors - Avoid nodes that cause mobs to spawn, well at least the angry ones.


Join #spawn channel

Live view

Ground builds ban

Restrict buildings to near-spawn height, do not build on the ground, mountains or underwater in the protected area. Otherwise everyone will want a build in the spawn vicinity and the area will be filled with ads for shops and places yet again.

Assorted Pics