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Minigames Hub
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Founder SX
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Talk page: Talk:Minigames_Hub


Minigames travel hub dedicated for games, missions, events, contests and related things. Not for personal travelnets.

Ideas, critique, help with building, materials and any kind of contribution is welcome.

If you have missions that could be linked here be sure to notify in chat or add info to talk page.

Things that can be still changed: Basically anything as long as there's some reason for it

Few lines from chat:

SX: There was again some talk about how places should be connected to spawn, for spawn itself I just simply pointed to and But I think there should be some guidelines for things that can belong to categories, last one was about mission by player but there's more similar things, I've been also working on one, heard few other done that too and some exiting but hard to find setups. Also to get more space for in-game info (board?) for events and contests.

There's that minigame city or something like that, how about building another travelhub there dedicated for events, contests, missions and all kinds of "games within a game"? That would provide pretty clear connection, logical "category" and imo pretty good guidelines for additions.

SX: someone here like to give opinions how should minigames hub look like? I thought some colors and made few tests and now jumped prototype to minigames and been trying out different blocks SX: oh and yes I started to build that thing, just simple mostly flat platform with sections for different (?) categories

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