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Management and privileges

  • currently protected with spawn_builder staff privilege.
  • All travelnets should be owned by shared account.
  • All books should be owned by shared account.
  • All map markers should be owned by shared account.
  • Travel Hub and event archive (both under construction below Minigames Hub) should be protected by Staff and/or Minigames faction.
  • Railway station, tracks and signals should be owned by PRC and protected by PRC faction.

Missions that could be linked to hub


  • Any new events should be added along with description, basic info and if needed also telemosaic or travelnet.
  • Past events info should be cleaned up, however if it could be somehow useful it can stay until space is needed for next event
    • event should be clearly marked as not active if related things are not removed after event has ended
    • it is possible to use luac and some digiline controlled visual indicators for this, in this case any timer/exec intervals can easily be at least several minutes. would make event management easier and allows events to be marked inactive automatically.
  • Contest voting & Global infoscreen LuaC code

Events that had were linked to hub


 Challenge: Alien had only poster in wall, contents were copied from challenge wiki page.
 Hub was not directly linked to spawn back then. Poster at Minigames Hub was most probably useless.
 Challenge received 2 entries.


 Particle spawners that fit to contest theme around Minigames telemosaic. Wooden long sign "Upcoming contest: Haunted House" attached to gold block behind telemosaic.
 Minigames telemosaic from spawn is linked directly to Minigames Hub.
 Single poster in wall and besides it contest specific travelnet connected to HauntedHouse network. Poster contents copied from wiki page.
 So far, 10 days before deadline when voting started, contest received 11 entries.

Upcoming event (planned)

 Add poster that contains basic information about event. Copy wiki page contents (if any) formatted to fit nicely in poster and link to wiki page.
 Attach some promotional poster to block behind telemosaic at spawn.
 If there's enough time to do it well enough, try this:
   - add luac controlled thing(?) to Minigames Hub that displays how much time is left until event is over.
   - thing can be text display, row of lightstones, or whatever suitable for displaying countdown or date / time.
   - possibly also include event name in big screen, maybe dot matrix.
 Things to remember:
   - When will voting begin? Should be defined date and preferably countdown timer for that at minigames info and at voting booth.
   - Voting should begin just after deadline for accepting new entries but not before.
   - How long should voting last, also countdown timer lcd for that. Maybe also visible in voting booth.
 Voting computer updates that should be done:
   - Fix code to automatically open voting booth at certain time, current method will not redraw main screen after time passed and needs manual reset once.
     (I think automatic opening and closing voting booth was already done)
   - Add screen that is displayed before contest application deadline, screen should contain "Apply as contestant"-button and button should add clicker name to list.
     Voting screen should display list of contestant names, either dropdown or textlist. Vote button replaces player vote for selected contestant's entry.
     That is: no writing of contestant names by hand. Applying to contest should be automatically disabled after deadline and when voting opens (could be in lock screen).
   - Minigames Hub LCD, switch countdowns / title automatically between entry deadline/voting deadline.
   - Centralized storage for deadline time storage, contest title and description.
     This can be used to tell about ongoing contests at different locations and eases voting booth / minigames info updates.
   - Change backup storage service, firebase will go behind paywall soon and probably not going to pay for it.
     It seems like firebase can still be used but not sure if new function deployments can be done, old code seems to work fine if needed.
     Node-RED can be used to implement exactly same stuff but not sure how secrets should be handled there, some data and flows are public (there's still few hacks around it).

Other things that could be linked to hub


Things that should not be linked to hub

  • Personal travelnets, public or not.
  • Shop travelnets / telemosaics.
  • Town travelnets / telemosaics unless directly related.
  • Anything that is not directly related to missions, events, contests.
  • Travelnets where network contain unrelated stations.


Very simple proposal built but most probably needs to be updated / changed

  • dangerous
  • simple
  • adventure
  • complex

Maybe use some tag labeling system for missions to give as much useful information as possible in compact form?

Most of this can be changed at any time so building whatever and updating it later probably is not that big problem?

Mesecons / digiline stuff around hub

  • Something like that fits well into theme.
  • There should not be too much blinking lights but I think some are fine.
  • Possibly optimize / check if there potential for optimizations (nodes and/or code).