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Hello, this is 6r1d. If you are looking for a location with a certain goal in mind, you are in the right place. I'd like to make this index as an alternative to ¨Popular_places¨ article. (This one is a work in progress, so I won't connect it to other pages yet.)

Making your house

First thing to remember is to respect other player's borders and ask for permission if you are building nearby. If you are building too close to your neighboor, it'll limit both of you. Don't forget to connect roads if there are any.

You want to start your first house on Earth, a bit away from other places to place different machines, which will help you craft things. For now, type "/spawn" and look at Earth teleporters there.

Before you start, ask yourself these questions:

  • "What experience do you have?"
  • "What do you want to do?"

Have you played on other servers? Have you made something with Mesecons or Technic mods before? If yes, you might want to visit Technic City or HiFi City: you can find experienced players and nice machines there.

With Technic City, you can just look around for a nice place and start nearby. The bonus is free nuclear energy for everyone.

With HiFi City, please ask korlen about building nearby: city has a certain style everyone should keep in mind. It is built far away from everything else for a reason.

If it's a first server you are playing at, look at Starter Town, New Town, Fruitland. You can walk a bit, find an unprotected place and start there.

Because Starter Town was advertised as "a great place to start your adventure," many newbs went there and set up a house. This means you will need to walk away for quite a while before you get to open space.

The commonwealth hotel is also a good place for newbs.


Getting initial free materials

Collecting materials

Finding code examples