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Map X: -2836.5 Y: 0 Z: 2440.25
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Founder TundrumMax
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TundrumMax founded it and left shortly after. Probably named Fruitland because of the large apple forest that covered the area.


/spawnEarth teleportsFruitland


At some point the vice-mayor, Caylan, Pronounced himself mayor of Fruitland as the mayor was absent for so long.
UncleSam was voted in as vice-mayor without his knowing and without any opposition. He later accepted the title.
Later Caylan gave up the title and UncleSam became mayor. Again in absence thus no vice-mayor has been selected.

Notable Buildings


Health & Culture Declaration

The Administration of Health and the Department for Culture are encouraging citizens to plant big apple trees. This preserves the historic name giving identity of Fruitland. They have asked the population to cut down the default apple trees and jungle trees. Both are infested with evil ents that attack tourists and population at night. The Health Administration also points out that the default trees don't deliver enough food to sustain players' vitality long enough to cut down and grow new trees.

We were too slow. In the meantime the ent infestation has spread to all leaf types. Only remedy left is to light up all leaves.