Beginner Tutorial

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Read /news in-game.

Read Tips and Chat tutorial here.

This is a Survival Server - make things on your own.

  • Don't beg.
  • go to a creative server when you're to lazy to work (mine and craft)
  • when asking for help, give details of what you need help with. That raises your chances of a speedy response that helps.
  • open inventory with i and search the recipes. It displays how to craft sub-items and also in which recipes that item is used.

Find stable sources of food.

  • Start with collecting apples, then build own food source.
  • A wheat field or some apple trees is done fast and supports you with food.

Make your first basic items

  • Look for a tree, take it down and keep all: trunk and leaves.
  • Make planks and sticks. From these make your first tools.
  • Make oil extract from leaves and use that as your first fuel.

Go to a public mine and get some materials.

  • Don't dig down in mines, this way you will fall and will have hard time recovering Bones.
  • Dig sideways. Try finding gold or buying it (search prices on the web map) for your first protection block.
  • Until then your locked chest is your base.
  • Once you have stone, upgrade to stone tools. Later iron and finally diamond. Same goes for armour.
  • Use a furnace to smelt ores into ingots. to get next better tools (2 for sword, 3 for pick-axe, 24 for armor)
  • Also make locks for chests.

Make armor

  • Even wooden armour is better than none.

Build a home with protection. A protection block is made out of 8 stone and one gold ingot, and protects an area of 11*11*11 nodes.

  • Walls keep your home safe from monsters.
  • Store your items in locked/protected chests (seeds, leaves, ore, wood, ...)
  • Smelt only as many ores as you need (in the beginning), later use grinder to make double ingots out of ores.

Find a public workshop and read instructions there.

  • Later you will be able to build your own machines at home.

Make/buy some bags. They greatly expand your inventory and you will not lose items in them in case of death.

  • Cotton seeds can be made to bread, so cotton is a good starter plant for your farm.

Repair tools and armor at a public workshop.

  • Repair tools before they break. Level them up to 6 for faster and longer use.