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Read whole text to learn tricks that will save you time in the future.

  • @playername private message text
  • $ whisper text (<32 blocks away)
  • /create_channel local_chat,,#666999
  • /join_channel local_chat
  • #local_chat message -> will send message to the #local_chat channel.
  • #local_chat -> will switch you to #local_chat channel, messages without prefix will reach users in "#local_chat", not "#main" channel.
  • /mail for offline communication.


There are three types of private messages. If you write "@playername message content", a player will hear a sound notification. You can send a message with sound by typing "/msg playername message content", too. An advantage there is that you can use autocompletion: "/msg pla[TAB KEY]" will be converted to "/msg playername".

If you want to continue talking to other player, please use whispers commands, because they are already notified.

To continue sending notifications and messages to the last player you sent a message with "@", just type "@ message".


Start your message with $ if you want to talk only to people around you (< 32 blocks). This does not require a player name.
$ message
Same result is achieved with /whis message

For long distance whispers use /tell command: /tell playername message

Minetest provides auto completion for online player names. Invoke with Tab-key: "/tell pla[TAB-KEY]" is converted to "/tell playername".


Usually channel names start with a # but not in commands to join, leave or create. Avoid creating channels with space in their names. To join a channel and listen to the chat there type:

/jc channelname

To speak on a channel you can either:

  • Type #channelname message to speak once in the channel
  • Type #channelname and press enter to make channel your default target: all further messages go to that channel until you switch it again.

If you want to speak in some other language join or create a channel named by ISO 639-1 language code. To leave a channel use lc command: /lc channelname

"main" is the default channel. Type "#main" to switch back to it.

List of public channels


If a player is offline use /mail. This command will open a mail UI. Next time target player will login there will be a notification in the center of the screen until the player reads the message.

Color, passwords, etc

Mod is beerchat, check official thread for more info:

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