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This article provides information about Mesecons hud to estimate server resource consumption in different places and provide better measurements.

It is not made to blame anyone, since we are trying to figure out how to actually use HUD and interpret its values. This article in no way implies you should go and blame someone for high values: some players did a lot to minimize lag, but still have machines. Plus, many machines don't work full-time. Please don't go and blame people.

To see Mesecons HUD, type "/mesecons_hud on". Be sure to read Mesecons guidelines

Generic usage

One stackwise injector

  • Usage: 926 us/s (9%)
  • Penalty: 0 s


New Town

Road lights

Switching gives >2500 us/s spiked. Penalty is temporary, so that doesn't matter.

Gummybear and SourPatch's tower

Usage from 1000 to 2000 us/s in an active area. Zero penalty.

HiFi town

Measurements are done near the central train station, "Free nodes".

  • Usage: 13300 - 19000 us/s
  • Penalty: 20 s

Japan Town

6r1d's tree generator

  • Usage: max 450 us/s, min 250 us/s
  • Penalty: 0 s

Sometimes, though, usage jumps up to 6300-7200 us/s and I am seeing penalty of ~2.4 s


It has a latex production station with long lanes of blinkies.

  • Usage: 4000 - 6000 us/s
  • Penalty: normally it's 0 s, sometimes it starts to exceed zero

a =

A bit south of Japan Town. Just in fron of his iron door (-1240 0 -229) getting

  • usage: up to 3.000 us / 300 %
  • Penalty: still not detected

chi (other area)

somewhere 10.750 / / -14.700

measured himself up to 6.000 us as of an sticky piston


Alep's shop

Penalty adds up, digiline injectors may resolve this issue if these will be divided to groups.

Usage: ~5000 us/s when blinky works long enough. Penalty: ~7s