Mesecons guidelines

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just... why?
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This page should help to keep the mesecons performant and efficient so that everybody can play with them

On/Off switches

  • Please add On/Off switches to your machinery and toggle them on only if you use them


  • Use intervals of 5 seconds or more, depending on how much is connected to the wire
  • Shorter intervals are ok if the executed action is not that heavy (for example: a simple light or signal)

Size/Length limits

  • Try to limit the amount of machines triggered by LuaC's or blinkys
This should work fine with a 3 to 5 seconds interval

Luacontroller with on/off switch

The following program generates a signal-change every 5 seconds. It can be toggled with a switch on port A and generates the signal on port B

if event.type == "program" or event.type == "interrupt" then
 if not pin.a then
 port.b = not port.b


  • Use the Monitoring page to see how the mesecons are working right now:
  • You can check out the lag-stats, if the average value is above ~750 milliseconds there is something wrong...
  • Please also enable the mesecons hud with "/mesecons_hud on" to see how much CPU usage the current mapblock/position consumes
  • You can also see the Penalty the usage results in. Penalty refers to the throttling of mesecons activity in that mapblock.
Example of heavy mesecons activity