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Dropping items

Dropped items will disappear after some time. You can change drop keybinding (Q by default) to prevent accidentally using it. (But keep all, even those you don't think you'll use later: dye can be extracted from grass, make farms or flour with seeds, ...)


  • You can make torches from Lumps of Charcoal (burning wood in a furnace). You will need some Coal for some recipes later.
  • Craft Super Glow Glass and cut it into slabs on a Circular Saw to get the most efficient light source.
  • You can light cave surfaces from afar with Torch Arrows. But they don't always work.


  • You can share protection in a Protection Block interface (right click it).
  • You can allow accessing locked chests by friends with Keys.
  • Protection blocks can be placed in a grid using the protector placer tool while standing over a protector and clicking in the direction to place the next protector. If holding sneak while clicking, any members added in the interface will be copied across the new protector.
  • You can protect your tamed animals with Mob Protection Rune.
  • You can also protect areas using the "/area_pos set", clicking two blocks, then "/protect (insert area name here)"

Two homes

/sethome command and "Set home position" button in inventory are two distinct locations you can teleport instantly to.

Chopping trees

Use Shift+left click of axe/chainsaw to cut down the whole tree.


Use Special key (usually E) to run faster. But that will deplete your Hunger quickly.

Fuel items

The best fuel is a Fuel Canister, crafted from 9 Bottle Fuel, which can be crafted in Biofuel Refinery from any 4 organic items (Sticks, Leaves).


Cheapest fertilizer is Mulch.


Super Glow Glass provides enough light for growing plants underground in adjacent tiles.


Trade deals in Vending Machines are searchable on online map. The ones in Smartshops are not.


A tube that was broken from carrying too many items

When a tube's item count exceeds a configured limit, the tube breaks and is no longer suitable for transporting items. You can repair broken tubes by hitting with a hammer.


  • When browsing crafting guide be sure to check all the recipes for needed item. Ores can be ground in a Grinder to double the output and Cast Iron doesn't require Coal for example.
  • Craft in batches with middle click.

Hiding your XP level

/xp_hud off will hide your level but only on your next login.


  • If a Dungeon Master starts attacking you, the best strategy is to run up to it so it stops shooting fireballs and beat it up with a sword
  • If you are in an area with a green beacon/flight and a mob is attacking, fly above it, close enough that you can hit it, but far enough that it can't hit you

Travel and Exploration

  • Lava boots let you move faster and jump 2.5 nodes instead of 1
  • Use a glider to move in midair, fall slower, and negate fall damage. It's just three wool and three sticks; easy to use; no reason not to have one.
  • In mid- and late-game, you might want to make a radius 1 jumpdrive ship for long-range travel to areas that don't have a travelnet box or telemosaic beacon nearby.
  • If you go to space, you may also want to have a spacesuit on you.
  • Show the debug information (default key F5) to see your coordinates and what direction you're facing.

Available nodes