Viking Village

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Viking Village
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Founder Gorlock
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A small Viking village under the snow.

Notable buildings

As of the original area of the village, from the West (arriving via the Bees Farm as the original settlers) to the North-East,

  • Harald's hall: a typical Viking hut with turf on the roof and a central fireplace.
  • Grímnir's old forge, now abandoned. Grímnir was also one of the many names of Odin, but what do we really know?
  • Sven's barn: often closed, as Sven cares about his cows and sheeps, but he might have their offspring for sale.
  • Sauna: the stones deliver the steam, relax and enjoy after a hard day.
  • Yggdrasil and the three wells: Yggdrasil was the mythical world tree in the Norse cosmogony, with three sacred wells or fountains at its roots. It was not that uncommon for a large tree, however, to be taken as its image in some places and used as a central gathering place. "By manifesting the sacred, any object becomes something else, yet it continues to remain itself" (M. Eliade).
  • Prow and rear part of a broken ship.
  • Thorstein's mill and bakery: the miller sells his own products, but the mill and oven are free for everyone to use in his absence.
  • Another barn: chickens and rabbits.
  • Pigsty.
  • Watch Tower.
  • Arni's house: cobble master.
  • Small fishing hut.
  • Freyja and Einar's shop.
  • Larger fishing hut, with stables.
  • Small warriors' hall
  • Odin's temple
  • New forge

And a small knarr (Norse merchant ship) is anchored in the bay.

In the North, there is now also a newer quarter of the village, with some large and impressive mansions.


There might be other ways to reach the village, but this is the recommended tour.

/spawnEarth teleportsFruitlandFruitland's free farmKorlen's teleportBees FarmWalk East

Builders and settlers

  • Gorlock founded the village in late 2019
  • Peanut expanded it northward in mid-2020

Settlers are welcome to expand the village southward, or eastward (across the bay): There is a Rule Book near the central tree, for instructions. It should basically state that you are invited to respect the theme (medieval viking-type houses, in a winter setup).

Machines, travel boxes, and anything too modern should be hidden from main view, e.g. behind doors or underground. By-passers should be able to wander in the village without noticing them too much, but this rule is obviously weak enough to allow them. If in doubt, you may have a look at the existing automation:

  • Flour and bread factory (open for use), with machines hidden in the rear part of the Bakery,
  • Wool factory, below the Wool Shop,
  • Bag factory, below the Old Forge,
  • Cobble and stone factory, below the New Forge,
  • Honey factory, bone factory and disparate machines below the Shop.

The only exception is the Viking Lander ship (though, in a way, it is sort of hidden behind walls), which leads among other things to the Mars Viking Base.