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Use this template to show inline coordinates on the map. I.e. embed them on some sentence with a distinct style, or, alternatively, embed in some other template.

Map layer will be automatically selected based on y parameter:

  • y < 5000 for earth, map layer 0
  • y < 6000 for moon, map layer 1
  • y < 11000 for space, map layer 2
  • y 11000 and above for mars, map layer 3


Use following code:

{{Coordinates |x=123 |y=234 |z=345}}

To get following link:

X: 123 Y: 234 Z: 345

Example with custom zoom

You can also set zoom level to something other than default 12:

{{Coordinates |zoom=8 |x=123 |y=5234 |z=345}}

To get following link:

X: 123 Y: 5234 Z: 345


I created this template and moved it to "Earth coordinates". I want it to do two things: be both human-readable and have a map link. - User:6r1d

Updated to handle all layers dynamically based on y coordinate. Not Earth specific anymore and should be used for all coordinates.