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Amun (prototype) Planetary system


The Amun system was one of the first planetary systems on pandorabox and consisted of 6 planets in a hexagonal constellation and a sun in the center:

  • Ra (Sun)
  • Ptah (Sand planet)
  • Horus
  • Perit (Stone planet)
  • Quetesh
  • Anubis (Ice planet)
  • Imhotep

Buildings were sparse on the system, most of them built by User:BuckarooBanzai and a few stray travelnets from various other players.


Total removal of the system happened on January 2021 to make place for a hyperspace bypass new things.

Prior to the removal the protective airbubbles around some of the planets were removed (see images below).


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Image gallery

Center inside the sun Ra Some streets on Horus Collapse of the protective airbubble