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Screenshot 20190920 223031.png
Map 0/11/4701/22
State Partially open
Owner BuckarooBanzai
Founder [[User:{{{founder}}}|{{{founder}}}]]
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Baphomet mining and cruise ship

(currently parked in Technic City on a dedicated landing platform)


The spaceship consists of 7 jumpable units connected together with Jumpdrive-backbones.


  • A control-unit with emergency-command and upper sighseeing deck
  • Big Garden with mesecons-bulkheads that are closed during jump
  • Shuttle-bay
  • Engine-Room with 4 Nuclear reactors
  • Bio-Lab (WIP)
  • Mining compartment with 8 quarries just below the ship

Origin of the name

Baphomet in the public Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baphomet